Old love Shahid Priyanka

Hollywood Shahid Kapoor has come up several times gunjane love with Priyanka Chopra and. Although the rule has samparkatake their friendship. Bollywood has come up again in about a year ago after the pair. Currently they are as per the additional grace œ really caught media attention. Many of the ideas are, together with the old love Shahid and Priyanka getting up again. 'Murraya paniculata' a new film 'Mary teri kahani' film premiere with a pair of Shahid and Priyanka. Between them in the wrong bojhabujhitao sutinye recovered. Their familiarity with the media can easily pramosane taito image. Recently, a new image for promotioning 'dancing dancing in Little cyampa' Shahid and Priyanka took part in the ceremony. Sings the climb and glide to the left of the substantive and Shahid Kapoor priyankake. 'Murraya paniculata' image of the pair, often shooting the love ghanisthataya entities involved. About 010 of them had even candrigare Party of India has been completed.

Sunny Leone Stile Going On Her Old Way

Once porno stars always a porno star. At least this stands true in Sunny Leone’s case. One would think that after getting a opportunity in a leading role actors in great film like Jism 2, under Mahesh Bhatt’s banner, Sunny Leone at least go easy on her porn star ways. But no! The porno stars has gone full throttle on making hay while sun shines and is selling her porno videos with nary a care for her new found Hindi film star status.